Group Training Classes:

Basic Class

This 5 week class is for new puppies, new adoptions and any other dogs that need some basic manners. This class will cover a wide range of topics from potty training, crate training, chewing and jumping. Obedience training will include basic training with verbal and hand commands plus handling skills. Safety skills like recall, leash walking, stay and leave-it will be emphasized.

Class are taught at Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic (2780 Rasmussen Road, Unit B6 Park City, Utah 84098)

Class Dates:

October 15th - November 12th: 7:15pm Tuesday Nights

October 16th - November 13th: 6pm Wednesday Nights - THIS CLASS IS FULL


$120 for full 5 week session

Intermediate Class

This 4 week intermediate class is designed for dogs who have already completed the basic obedience class. This class will build off of the basic commands and take those to the next level. Skills that will be covered include: sitting politely for petting, accepting a friendly stranger, walking in a heel through a crowd, cafe down and the finish command

Class Dates:

October 15th - November 5th: 6pm Tuesday Nights


$100 for full 4 week session

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I understand that dog training may involve risks to myself, members of my family, or my dog. I assume all risks associated with participating in the training class and will not hold Life's Trail LLC. or Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic or its instructors responsible in the event of injury to myself, family members or my dog. I agree to comply with the instructions, rules and decisions of the training instructor as it relates to me or my dog's ability to safely complete this course. I also agree to assume all responsibility for any damage done to property, persons, or other dogs done by me or my dog's actions. I understand that all dogs participating in the training classes at Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic must be free of any infectious disease and must be current on all appropriate vaccinations, including bordatella, distemper, parvovirus and rabies. I am responsible for providing current vaccination records if I my dog is not a current patient at Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic. I understand that there will be no refund of payment after the first class meeting. I also understand that there are no regularly scheduled make up sessions.
Life's Trail LLC. and Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic have Facebook and Instagram accounts that we use to educate clients and share interesting photos or fun pet stories. Our clients may be interested in your pet's story or photo. Please choose below if we have permission to do this. Information shared may include photos of your pet, and details of his/her medical history or training background. Client's names are not shared. If, at any time, you wish to have your pet's photo or story removed please alert the trainer.